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Gone are the days of carrying stacks of physical business cards or struggling to keep track of scattered contact information.

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Feature Packed

With xCard, you can showcase your professional expertise, accomplishments, and contact information in a visually stunning and user-friendly format. Customize your xCard with your own branding elements, including logos, colors, and background images, to create a personalized and memorable representation of your brand identity.

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xCard - Key Features

Lightning Fast - Running on a world class server network
Pretty URL - Your display name becomes your link
Link in Bio Ready - All your important links in one place
Pretty Posting (Pro) - Custom metadata posting social networks
Regular Updates - We're constantly adding new features

Sharing Made Easy. Just Scan

The power of xCard lies in its versatility and accessibility. Whether you're attending conferences, industry events, or engaging in virtual networking, xCard ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect. Simply share your unique xCard URL with potential contacts, and they can instantly access your comprehensive information, saving time and eliminating the hassle of exchanging physical cards.

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